Wrestling writing

"Total Divas" on E!. Switch off - PopMatters, 'Channel Surfing', 20 August 2013.
"Total Divas" is WWE's ode to its own misogyny. Why it's more damaging that your regular reality TV junk.  

"A Sport, A Tradition, A Religion, A Joke: The Need for a Poetics of In-ring Storytelling and a Reclamation of Professional Wrestling as a Global Art" (pdf) - Asiatic,Vol. 6, No. 2, December 2012, pp. 136-155.Getting all professorial about piledrivers and powerslams.

Retro Remote #28: No Contract for Old Men: Five "Old Folks" in Pop Culture That are 5Xs Tougher Than You - PopMatters, 1 June 2012. 
An old-folks follow-up to last column's "Go Play in Traffic" kid-list, that makes me seem like an old curmudgeon. Only half of which is true. (Includes a section on Mick Foley and Ric Flair.)

MacFarlane, K. (2011), 'Wrestling with Their Ghostly Fathers: Bloom, Bordwell, and Bodyslams; Poetry, Poetics and Piledrivers'. The Poetry and Poetics of Popular Culture, University of South Australia Poetry and Poetics Centre online conference, video presentation 25-26 November 2011.

Heels vs Corporate Hedonism in the WWE - PopMatters, Channel Surfing, 30 September 2011.
With Linda McMahon running for Senate (again) and a new round of workplace safety and worker classification investigations (hopefully) on the way, WWE tries to convince us that only heels unionize.

Homophobia Alive and Well on TV at the WWE - PopMatters, Channel Surfing, 30 March 2011.
Moving into Wrestlemania XXVII, the WWE's biggest event of the year, Vince McMahon's bigotry reminds us why the WWE doesn't deserve high-profile sponsors, toy licensing deals, or viewers.

Mickie James' WWE Firing the Last Stop on a Road of Employee Bullying and Misogyny - PopMatters 'Channel Surfing', 27 April 2010.
Former WWE co-owner Linda McMahon is running for the US Senate, which means that this is not mere wrestling gossip but, in fact, 100% verified authentic honest-to-goodness political commentary.

Retro Remote #11: Beyond Barthes, Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker, Wrestlemania XXV - PopMatters, 25 March 2010.
Bringing healthy doses of sensitivity and spooning to professional wrestling.

Yes, TV is Art. Can we talk about Wrestling now? - PopMatters 'Channel Surfing', January 4, 2010.
TNA vs WWE vs Retro Remote.

Retro Remote #3: Ric Flair v Kerry Von Erich, WCCW Heavyweight Title Match - December 25, 1982 - PopMatters, July 21, 2009.
This article is probably the greatest thing to happen to professional wrestling since Georg Hackenschmidt submitted to Frank Gotch's ankle lock in 1908.